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We believe that keeping your employees bellies' full of "feel-good-food" throughout their day is the key to top productivity improving overall focus to help maintain achievements

Shatter Platters

smoked out meat choices:

blazed brisket, perfectly pulled pork, trichome tri-tip

load another - side dishes:

fresh garden salad, panama red potato salad, kickin' corn, fully baked mac n' cheese

chef Shelley's seasonal sweet-treat*

Top Shelf 

choose 1 smoked-out meat, 1 side $13.95


choose 2 smoked-out meat(s), 2 sides *includes 1 dank dessert $15.95

Private Reserve

choose 3 smoked-out meat(s), 2 sides

*includes 1 dank dessert $17.95

Dank Desserts | 4:21| Sweet Thangs

Super lemon haze bars $4.20

Snow cap $3.75

Cinnamon rolls $2.75

Cupcakes $16.00 pack of 4  

straight up munch: Menu
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