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breakfast, lunch and dinner available for home, office or on-location

With our rotating menu, we are offering a wide variety of meals for pick-up and take-out.

Check out our weekly features below:

Come on down to Shell's Kitchen for our delicious homemade meals.

We'll make the holidays easy for you and yours'!

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wake n' bake 

rockin' rolls & bowls 

pack a bowl or roll one up!

Plain Jane

scrambled cheesy eggs, house potatoes with our special green sauce | $7.95

add your choice of:

all-natural applewood smokin' bacon, spanish chorizo or pork sausage | $9.50

*raw'Kin option available (vegetarian)

Shrooms' n' Spuds

portobello & potato with sautéed peppers and onions $9.50



suitable for lunch, dinner  & holiday meals

Shatter Platters

smoked out meat choices:

blazed brisket, perfectly pulled pork, trichome tri-tip, chicken

load another - side dishes:

fresh garden salad, panama red potato salad, kickin' corn, fully baked mac n' cheese

chef Shelley's seasonal sweet-treat*

Top Shelf 

choose 1 smoked-out meat, 1 side $15.95


choose 2 smoked-out meat(s), 2 sides *includes 1 dank dessert $19.95

Private Reserve

choose 3 smoked-out meat(s), 2 sides

*includes 1 dank dessert $22.95

Dank Desserts | 4:21| Sweet Thangs

Super lemon haze bars ~  $4.20

Snow cap ~ $3.75

Cinnamon rolls ~ $2.75

Cupcakes $16.00 ~ pack of 4  

ooey-gooey choc-oat chip cookies ~1 dozen $25

soft n' chewy gingerbread molasses cookies ~1 dozen $12

Sweet Oven Bliss' Cupcakes & Carrot Cake

priced by the order

Festive Dinner


for home or work!

Half Joint/ half size (serves 6-10) 

Full Joint/ full size (serves 10-15)

smoked-out meats

Trichome Tri-tip | half $60, full $120

Blazed Brisket | half $75, full $150

Chillin Chicken| half $44, full $88

Perfectly pulled pork| half $40, full $80

load-another sides

red potato salad | pint $8.50, quart $16

mac n' cheese | half $40, full $80

kickin' corn | half $30, full $60

kush kornbread | half $30, full $60

4:21 | sweet thangs | dank desserts

lemon haze bars| half $40, full $80

snow cap | half $40, full $80

cinnamon rolls | half $30, full $60

cupcakes | 4 for $16, 8 for $32, 12 for $40

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our rotating menu will be available for our customers to view every Friday for the upcoming week. Orders to be placed by Sunday at 12pm for the week ahead!

Individual or family style

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