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*orders to be placed by 24-48 hours in advance

We are here to help bring some happy times to your family from ours!


We have created a menu based on some of our most popular reviews and our very own personal favorites.

Let us help plan you meals to enable you to spend more time together. 

Kick back and relax knowing that your meals are handled with care and made with love. 

All items are pre-packaged along with detailed instruction on how to reheat each item when it’s time to enjoy.

Main course  

select one or two

blazed brisket

honey glazed ham

mac n' cheese

pot roast


select two - four sides

brussel sprouts, green-bean almondine, kickin’ kornbread, Shell’s stuffin’, scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes n’ gravy, roasted carrots & sweet potato casserole    



snowballs, super-lemon haze bars, berries n' cream, mini creme brulee, sweet potato pie, assorted cheesecakes

cookies by the dozen:

ooOo-ee gooey Chocolate Oatchip,  Soft n' chewy Gingersnap Cookie

Peanut butter Chocolate Dream cookie

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Main course

-Shell's famous salmon 

- roasted rosemary chicken

- raspberry chipotle chicken 

- petite filet medallions 

    *option to add:


      *sautéed mushrooms

- filet (individual 8 ounce)

- Valentine's Fettuccini 

Side dishes

-mashed potatoes n' gravy 

-cheesy scalloped potatoes

-mac n' cheese 

-green beans with roasted garlic

-roasted and sautéed brussell sprouts with caramelized bacon

-roasted carrots 

-artichoke for two!

Delicious Dessert choices:

-creme Brulee

-strawberry Fields Forever Cheesecake

-organic berries & southern sweet cream

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